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Ben Burrell

      War le Fäy is an original rock band from Riverside, California. Ben Burrell is the songwriter, vocalist, lead guitarist, and keyboardist. This prog-rock band is a blend of Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater, and Rush. Their songs are broad in scope but easily accessible and compelling. Power and melody dominate all the tracks on their first two original releases. They are defenders of the progressive rock mantle with ambitions to take their music worldwide. They are an exciting draw for all ages and are always respectful of the standards and policies of the venues they have the privilege of performing at.  

 Next Performance: 

  • Recording Album- June 2020,  Hear No Evil Studio’s, OC

  • Oct.10th, 7 - 9 pm Pomona, Art Walk and Market Night 

Performances 2019-2020: 

Pomona's Art Walk, NAMM, The Mint Los Angeles, 210 Tavern, Jurupa Valley 4th of July Gig, OC Fair,  Harley Davidson’s at the Beach, Mission inn Festival of Lights, Flabob Air Events,  Out of the Park Pizza OC, Harvest Festival in Corona, Harvest Festival at St Ive's Church LA, The Grind in Riverside, Many private parties, Charity Run in Mira Loma, Empire Performance Studios, Miller School events

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David Dykstra- Band Producer/ manager

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