War le Fäy   


War le Fäy is a very new original progressive rock band from Riverside, CA.  War le Fäy just started playing together in October 2019.  Their songs originate from big themes and diverse ideas. Their live performances are dynamic and compelling. War le Fäy’s message is positive and their goal is to push the envelope of progressive rock with soaring vocals and searing riffs. 

War le Fäy has recorded eleven original songs as of 2019. War is promoting two EP’s named Element and the newest Transfusion. Working on LP now, Recording March 2020. 


Ben E. Jet Burrell, guitarist, vocalist started the band War le Fäy. The excellent guitar work and songwriting is what drives a lot of these songs from being ordinary to extraordinary. Tanner Novak is the amazing drummer of War le Fäy and he is fantastic and very energetic on stage. Gavin Carney plays the bass and is a master at it. Gavin has so much fun on stage! War le Fäy plays rock cover songs, but they always play their original songs which they are passionate about.  The talent truly is in their great songwriting and the fast, skilled guitar, bass, and drum playing.  




Pomona's Art Walk, NAMM, The Mint Los Angeles, 210 Tavern, Jurupa Valley 4th of July Gig, OC Fair,  Harley Davidson’s at the Beach, Mission inn Festival of Lights for the past 4 years, Flabob Air Events for 5 years,  Out of the Park Pizza OC for the past 2 years, Harvest Festival in Corona, Harvest Festival at St Ives Church LA, The Grind in Riverside, Many private parties, Charity Run in Mira Loma, Empire Performance Studios 3years, Miller School events

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Airica Baxter: drairica@att.net


David Dykstra- Band Producer/ manager